Shutter (Asian Horror Movie)

Hello People of TCP, This is my first time in joining the Tuesday Couch Potatoes! Thanks to my sister for the code and instructions of how to join. :-)

My first entry is the Movie “Shutter” its an Asian horror showed years ago, this is the last scariest horror movie that I’ve seen. I haven’t sleep for two nights and i bugged my sister because i want to sleep in her room I’m scared to sleep alone in my room i have a wide imagination. I don’t like watching horror movies, I’m more fond of watching love,comedy,cartoons movies. I just watch it because my friends wants to watch it they paid my ticket and snack so they leave me w/o a choice. I covered my ears with my hands and closed my eyes, I’m more scared of the sound effect and my friend bullied me by holding my hands so i can hear them screamed. I think i was traumatized by it because until now i don’t like to watch horror movies.

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