So Love this BAND…

vocalist Chito Miranda, back-up singer and dancer Vinci Montaner, guitarists Darius Semana and Gab CheeKee, bassist Buwi Meneses, and drummer Dindin Moreno.

I really love the PAROKYA NI EDGAR BAND… Since high school me with my boys barkdas sing their songs,Its a Pinoy Band. My most Favorite is HARANA.. I am out of words in describing them. One of the Band member named “Buwe” is my crush he is so cute… :-) I think i love him… hehe LOL.. gaga me… Anyways, Last fiesta here in CDO is my first time to saw them live as in super LIVE its so unforgettable. :-) until now i still can’t move on to the feeling…waaaaaaaaaaaa….

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