The Vizconde massacre

Yesterday i was watching TV when suddenly it was being interrupted by the news about the decision of the Supreme Court on the Vizconde Massacre that the suspects are being acquitted of the said case. As i saw Mr. Vizconde crying ang start to faint because of the unexpected result, I cried with him, I really feel the hurt that he felt, I was not really interested on this case because i was young when it happens. He fight for the case for over 15 years now and it ended like this.. I feel a shame of the justices in our country because of the in justice and for being slave of political connections and of course the Money. I had goosebumps thinking that those people have no conscience in their body, They are not scared of God. I believe in God. Maybe they were not punish now that they live in this world but I do believe in hell.. God is the one who knows everything… He will punish whoever that person is.

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