Friday Fill Ins. Just fill-in-the blank meme to enjoy..

And…here we go!

1. Right now I need a 1hour bath, seriously!.

2. Water with honey is what’s in my glass.

3. A copy of this letter needs to put in to file for emergency purpose.

4. Mango Float and Ice cream is best with a spoon. (yum Yum).

5. The best movie I’ve seen lately is Love and other Drugs ;-)nice movie.

6. Wearing two piece swimsuit i really like; Having lots of money and traveling around the world i really really love. Lol

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to sleep early because its been 1week i sleep late as in late, hate insomnia huhu, tomorrow my plans include to wake up early and go to a bookstore and Sunday, still thinking… (wink)…lol

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