My Fascination with Grey’s Anatomy

Do you watch the television series Grey’s Anatomy on TV? Well, it is an American medical drama television series featured in ABC channel. I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy since from the very beginning and watch some of the repeats as well. I am so fascinated about the surgical operations, and medical scrubs that the characters are wearing. In the show, doctors, nurses and even interns are wearing medical scrubs instead of the stereotype white uniform. It was my dream before to become a nurse and perhaps wear one of those designer nursing uniforms scrub but that dream had vanished when i didn’t pass the entrance examination back in college. Becoming a nurse was my biggest dream since childhood. Unfortunately, that dream wasn’t meant for me. I was lost when I failed from that darn entrance examination for nursing. But life has to go on and had to make a quick decision of what course to take in college.

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