Table for All

It’s been a long time since my mother became very active in religious group in our community. She was a member at first, just going to her superior house or head leader to conduct their meetings and all, she was active then but after a month she’s been promoted to became one of the head leader and now she has a member already and very active and serious in executing her title as a head leader. And every time they had prayer meetings in our house she’s always busy preparing for foods and drinks, especially wine. five days before the event she will see to it that she had bought already a wine before she will decide what kind of foods she will be serving. But since we don’t really have more knowledge about wines going online help, they have online wine delivery and also the supermarket. so every time we go online or to the supermarket, ether way she always ask us to accompany her so that we can suggest to her what kind of wines that are cheaper and at the same time still taste good. And since having this kind of event in our house is very important to her so we support her.

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