Our Little Niece is an ARTIST!

Our niece Juleane and her mom are having their vacation here in Cagayan de Oro because our brother julius is also here, That is the setting every time our brother got a month off from his work as a OFW. Our parents are so happy seeing this little girl because its been almost a year that they haven’t saw her, so we make sure that she enjoy her stay with us. She is now three years and three months old, She can identify Animals and can count 1-10 but she can only rhyme the alphabet. She is a smart kid. One of her pastime if she got bored is to ask a crayons and paper so she can draw, This is what she draw for her lolo. she gave crayons to her lolo so that her lolo will help her to put some colors on her drawing.. She is a bit a camera shy but Is she so cute and talented!!! :-)

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