ABC Wednesday- N for Nieces and Nephews

We join this meme long time ago but stop for a while Now where back again. Lol. And this is our first entry for the second time around!,.

My N iece and N ephews from my 3 siblings. Start up from our oldest brother who live in Cebu, The oldest Nephews and Nieces Leomar Adrian and Leonor Andrea followed by Badotdot (don’t remember the his real name we just call him that.):-)

Then our Niece Juleane the daughter of our brother next to the oldest who lived in Davao, my sister took this photo of her when she went to davao last week.

and last but not the less our Nephew Jake the oldest son of my sister who’s in Pittsburgh Pennsylvanian and our Niece Justine her youngest daughter. :-)

I guess that will be all for my ABC Wednesday- with the Letter N .

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