Big Brother’s Collection

I checked my Facebook today and I saw some photos of my niece and nephew that my sister uploaded couple of days ago. I love all my niece and nephew but the one in the states are the cutest. We long to see these kids someday and give them a hug and shower them with kisses. Anyway, I saw the big truck that my nephew got on his birthday which has similar look with my brother’s remote car or truck collection.

My brother is already 35 years old and once in a while when he comes home from oversea work contract he sometimes plays with his remote truck. I am not sure if that truck is called rc trucks electric, but all I know it looks exactly the one in the photo above. If I have the chance I’ll take a picture of it so you guys can see. My mother told him to maybe give that truck to his nephew in Cebu City but my brother said no. Th story why he bought that toy truck was, when we were little we never got the chance to play with a real toy because it was so expensive to buy toys back then. That is why he decided to buy that truck right on his first salary as remembrance as well.

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