Cerebral Palsy

When i was young i have a classmate who called me abnormal because i am so skinny and pale, He uses that word to tease me and bully me and it hurts so bad that i can’t forget it until now. I come to think that when we get older we come to realize the reality or the truth behind the words that we uses just for fun, the meaning and how it can affect it to the persons self esteem. I once watch a documentary film that is being shown in one of the TV channel here, its all about cerebral palsy We all know that it is a condition, sometimes thought of as a group of disorders that can involve brain and nervous system functions such as movement, learning, hearing, seeing, and thinking. When i watch it i think of what the person who has this condition feels if there are people who stare at them or kids will tease them and call them Abnormal, it broke my heart, it well be so hard for the family to take good care of the person who has this condition and more harder for the person because its a lifetime illness that needs financial stability to the side of the family, I was so glad that they make the documentary and show it on TV because it calls the attention of our government that their are people who suffers in this kind of conditions that has no cure,

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