In every stages of our life we meet many people. When we are young we have plenty of playmates, when we reach adolescent we meet people who we call “friends” with out knowing what the meaning of it because we just hang out with anyone so you can have your own group or you join groups so that you won’t feel alone, when we become adults we tend not to care because of the struggles or we are busy thinking of our own problems of what we want and what direction we would like to take. We meet friends that stays and leaves us. Mine they stayed for me even though they had big problems of their own. They comfort me when my Boyfriend leaves me without proper explanations, they joined me when i wanted to get drunk so that i can forget the pain and they gave me the advice so that i can move-on. I don’t know how to define the word FRIEND. but i know what it feels to have a good friends.:-)

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