Father’s Day and Birthday

My dearest father will be turning 65 this year. So, aside from birthday presents, we will also need to think of a nice fathers day present that we can give to him. Last year, both my sisters in US sent him a cash and my sister Weng and I bought some cologne. My Mom gave him a nice T-shirt as birthday gift but did not give him anything on father’s day. Since that will be his 65th birthday, i think we have to give him something special. My father deserved all these valuable gifts because he worked so hard in his past 40 years of his life just to provide his family. Father’s day is a special day where you have to be thankful of your father for everything he have done for the family. Giving presents is just a added bonus but telling him how much you love him and appreciate him will sure enough for him. So, if you are looking for something special for your dear Dad, then go online and start browsing the different shopping store online as they have tons of choice that you cannot find in the store. I think you can also order for customize gift, that’s what I read in one website.

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