Old Sanctuary

As we grow old, there are things that we’ll never forget from our old place in Bukidnon. The people, the neighbors, were very close, even the farthest neighbor in our town. That’s what we miss most after moving here in the city. The life, friends, the camaraderie and the places that we have treasured in our hearts while growing up. It’s not being sentimental, like my parents especially my mom, that wouldn’t dare to dispose a rotting chair for it’s value to her. Just like our old house its really different from our house here in Cagayan de Oro City, like our house right now I feel like we live in a dungeon because our neighbors build their houses higher than ours and still there not contented they put a fire wall and I know it’s a precaution for fire but we almost can’t witness the sunrise actually in my room I can’t really tell if it’s already morning or evening because its very dark. That’s why sometimes my sister and I dream that we have plenty of money so we can renovate or transfer to more spacious place.

These are some of the photos of the places from our past life in Bukidnun.

here you can see our old house, we have very wide space with plants and bermuda grass that my sisters I used to hang out.

and the old church that we used to go to, every Christmas we went together.

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