Playful Kiddo

This is our niece Juleane. When my niece was here that was two months ago when my brother came home from his job. My brother is a seaman and he comes home every 9 months contract on board. So, anyway we took her one time to Jollibee. Jollibee is one of the famous fast food chin in the country. She kept running around and playing in the playground. When the burger we ordered was being served I told her to wash her hand hand dryers because she was switching from one hand dryer to another. I guess that is how kids react to this kind of technology. They are very curious on everything. That’s what I observed with my niece, very inquisitive and curious. She is very spoiled to us because she is the only baby we have here. I just feel bad that her Mom is so selfish to share or bring her down to Cagayan so she can spend more time with her grandparents and aunts.

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