Powder helps to loss Weight

I am really a big woman my waist line is 30 and my size is Large, I’ve been trying to loss weight many times, They said i have a big bones that is why i look big, its hard for me to loss weight and it is so easy to gain weight even i don’t eat in three days i still don’t loss weight, me and my friends wants to be fit and we do jogging trice a week because we want to have a good figure, to look good and of course to be healthy. I already drink those slimming tea and supplements just to achieve the weight and figure that i want but sad to say it didn’t work out. I saw
sensa its the new way of losing the weight, its a weight loss product that advertises weight loss without dieting, exercising, or supplements. It comes in a white powder form that uses to sprinkle on the food that we eat and it produce the sensory specific satiety which means When a person eats his or her taste and smell receptors signal the brain to release hormones signifying a full feeling. Amazing right!! we really don’t underestimated the new technology.

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