Second Haircut

Our adorable and cute little pet dog (he’s no longer our little puppy because his already 1year old and i don’t know the months) prince charming on her second haircut, courtesy of his two beautiful master. Last week we decided to cut the hair of our dog prince just to make him less hairy because every time my mother has a visitor they always notice his hair, they said he looks like a rug (trapo in our dialect) and we wanted to bring him to a grooming shop just like the first time but we don’t have enough money to pay for a groomer so we just cut it our self. And i think he doesn’t like the outcome.. :sidefrown:

The side view.. hehehe! i just force him to look at the camera but he look away. we did not cut the tail part my sister wanted it that way..

The lying down position, his always like this everytime he doesn’t want to be disturb.

The other side view… uneven cut but who cares he always stay inside the house anyway.. lol :sweat:

And this is the overall cut. he looks cute anyway.. love you prince! peace.

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