She is Pissed

The last time I went online I only checked my mail and facebook profile. I also took care of the password and that was it. I log out because i only have half of hours paid in for internet cafe. The next day i used the remaining money to get online for half an hour again and perhaps chat with my sister. But unfortunately my sister wasn’t up yet at that time so I logged out and went home. I thought this blog won’t get assignment yet so I did not bother to checked again. Last night I received a text messaged from some number that is not in my phonebook. The massage said that you sister was waiting for you to get online. That message was came from my sister’s online friend who is also very nice to us. Thanks Maam Kat for texting us, we will visit your blog when we get online. We have limited time today and we are trying to finished all the assignment all at once so it won’t expired. Anyway, we got online and read my sister’s profile which was sounded like she was pissed. Yeah, she was pissed because we neglected our blog. The truth is we dont have money for the cafe. So, we want to make sure when we get online we have some task to do so our money won’t be wasted. When my sister and I opened our Facebook we read a long nag from her. She was indeed pissed. However, we are still glad she was mad and able to asked favor to text us otherwise our assignment would probably expired.

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