Do you have twitter?

Twitter is a real-time information network powered by people all around the world that lets you share and discover what’s happening now.

Twitter is one of the top social networking that most people online have been using. People can connect to the virtual world using their gadgets like cellphones, iphone, ipad and share their something on twitter. Lots of celebrities all over the world have twitter account and even kids have their own twitter account too. I opened a twitter account last year but I did not bother to open it again.

I checked my twitter account and learned some few twitter words;

Twitter·Blogn. a nifty place to read official news from Twitter.

Fledg·ling Winen. a Twitter winemaking project for literacy around the world.

Twit·Vidn. a simple video sharing option for your tweets.

Sees·mic Lookn. a Windows application for diving into topics on Twitter.

Top·syn. a search engine powered by tweets.

Twitter asks “what’s happening” and makes the answer spread across the globe to millions, immediately.

What Twitter Does

Whether it’s breaking news, a local traffic jam, a deal at your favorite shop or a funny pick-me-up from a friend, Twitter keeps you informed with what matters most to you today and helps you discover what might matter to you most tomorrow.

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