Adjusting to New Situation

Recently i been having a hard time adjusting my situation, i use to be free from all of this hassle, buy food for myself, paying the monthly bills, electric, water and even little things that need to be fixed in our house. Now that my parents are already settling in my brothers house in General Santos and my sister just flew to Kuwait I have no choice but to take care of our house here in Cagayan de Oro and face the reality that i have to be responsible and that things will be a different from now on. When my parents where still here all i think about is how to have money so that i could go to the mall or go out with my friend but now i seldom go out because Im worried of our house not that they will steal our house but the things inside our house and also theirs the 3 pets, who will feed them if I will go out and party all night lol. But the hardest part is that I have to take care all the bills and did i mention that i don’t have a job? will i don’t have a job, seriously! I have to wait till my parents send me money and just now i begged them to send me little amount so that i could buy food for our 2 dogs which by the way owned by my sister who is now working abroad the responsibility will officially be mine, see? so many things to worry about and i have really really having a hard time doing it. Now i have to adjust and adjust my time, money and i have to clean the house everyday (I seldom clean our house) for the simple reason that my pets are not in a leash, poop, chewed paper everywhere maybe someday i could afford a nanny for them lol. :yes: so i could give my self a break from all of this.. 8-)

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