Congrats Bro

Got a good news from my mother who are now in General Santos, that my brother got passed from his Maritime exam, he is now 2nd mate so it means higher salary for him and more opportunity in finding efficient agency. He’s been planning to take this exam every time his contract will end but haven’t had the time and money to do so, now i am so happy for him actually all of us are happy for him because hes getting older and has a family of his own but he doesn’t have his own house yet, his still renting a house in Davao, unlike our younger brother that already has bought a house and a car for his coming family (girlfriend is pregnant and they going to get married soon). After my father early retirement he is the one who took the responsibility as a bread winner and until now he is still doing that responsibility ever if he already has a family and we think this is the right time for him to think about his self for a chance. So congratulation brother and more blessing to come.

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