Happy Together

Prince picking a fight with sassy in our little salas as in this photo make a cute picture. What doesn’t is the mess they create wherever they get together. So much for us to clean their messes but now its only me who clean their poop and weewee because im the only left in the house no one is going to help me clean all the mess they create. Every morning sassy and prince pee and poop everywhere, they have special place to put their unhealthy behavior it’ like they had an agreement that they should have separate personal bathroom. Prince is always poop inside my parents room and the cat sassy is in my brother’s room but sometimes if they got tired or bored they do it in front of our bathroom.

So if this two animals play sometimes i will tell prince to kill sassy, i now it’s bad but i got piss sometimes because sassy is very active cat, i think she’s on drugs, lol

this two animal are my only companion right now so i have to take care of them and they have an allotment from their real owner. Lol , so good luck to me.

and while writing this post im singing happy together to keep me insane from this two wicked pets..

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