Just Dropping By

Its been a month since my parents move to General Santos with my little brother but last week my mother came back here for a visit, will a slight visit she just stayed in the house for two days and fly to manila for her CFC convention. Actually that is the reason why she came back here in cagayan because she already booked their two way plane ticket to manila a month earlier to avail the Cebu Pacific airline promo with her CFC members and she has to be in Cagayan de Oro two days before her flight and she will be back here in cagayan this May 4, and its a good thing because she will be celebrating her 57th birthday in here together with her CFC friends will its a little sad because my father is not here to celebrate with her but she will be going back to general santos after her birthday and after she packed my older brother’s Flat TV, yes! its one of the reason also why she came back. And now she’s still in manila with my sister shahz the one who is planning to go abroad, and its a blessing also that their convention finish early since her flight is still on the 4rth she still have time to have a bonding moments with her sister who lived in manila and also with my sister before her flight and yesterday my sister txted me that their going to manila zoo and then divisoria maybe to buy some pasalubong for my father and i hope she will buy one for me to.

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