Kitty! Kitty!

Today i rescue a little kitty, I think she is still a weeks years old. As i was cleaning the other room because one of my pets sassy did her nasty habit again which is pooping in that room that’s when i discover that there are kittens living in our little stockroom’s ceiling but this particular kitten (I named her kitty because she looks like a kitty to me Lol) she’s the only one fell from the ceiling and and thinking where she came from as I’ve known our house is like a dungeon you can’t come inside unless you use the door and then i notice that there’s a hole in our stockroom ceiling. And I just came on time for her rescue because she really is hungry and she makes very loud noises to so i feed her, after feeding her I return the little cat in her home but the next day I heard little noises again and found her in a very dangerous position that’s when i decided to adopt kitty I was afraid she might die the next time she fall. But now I don’t know if I made a good decision because kitty is always making noises early in the morning and i have hard time making here sleep. Maybe i will look for her mother and give her back because aside from difficulty in feeding her i get scratches from her always.

Kitty with prince her savior from sassy the hyper cat.

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