Loving It

Last week i was sad because i have to watch my expenses so i did my best to budget my money for the food instead of buying food from the grocery store i have to go to the market place to buy fish no meat just all fish and vegetables, since i was a little kid im not fun of vegetables but i don’t have a choice i have to eat them or i will be starving and thank God it’s over so today my boyfriend and i went to the grocery store to buy my week supply, no vegetables, no fish for a change maybe next week but for now only meat! chicken meat, pork meat im a carnivore for this week Lol and i did bought a can of drinks and a lot of junk food for my internet surfing moments. We all love to eat while doing something like blogging or just watching movie so i have to be prepare for it, while thinking, blog hopping it’s nice to eat while doing all those things, i can think clearly if my tummy is full so right now i’m eating while doing this post and it help me a lot because i started doing this post around 8 and now its almost 10 and finish it and happy at the same time because i don’t have to cook anymore because im already full so im heading to bed for a short break. :-D ciao

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