Maria a True Friend

One of my happiest day! Lol finally i found my Mellow Yellow Monday Meme entry: and i thought i could not find one today… :beauty:

One of my best friend ever when i was studying in college in this girl “Maria” and since this is Mellow Yellow Monday and since she is holding a yellow stuff toys and since also I’ve been missing Mellow Yellow Monday for quite long because of this 3 reasons: 1st, I don’t have plenty yellow photos 2nd, I did try to look for a photo that has yellow on it but I already post all of them and the very sad of all the reasons 3rd, my camera was not yet fix, i did went to a camera repair shop but the charge is very expensive and i don’t have opp right now so I have to skip most of the time joining this meme. And I really wanted to join so i did some photo searching of my past uploaded photo on FB and dararan, I missed one and here it is, My Ever Dearest Friend Maria with a Yellow stuff toys beside.. :yes:


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