Mother Dear

When i was little i remember my mother is the one waking us up every morning for school with her voice, she always shout at us because she’s busy preparing foods for our father who go to work every morning and after all the house chores is done she prepare to go to the city to buy goods for our sari-sari store and until now she still doing it and when i graduated from college i stayed with my sister in Cebu i often times misses her shouting and scolding at us and the busy schedule she had, just like when she visit me here last week. She arrive late in the afternoon from General santos, our house is a two story so i was in my room the minute she see me going down to greet her she’s starting to make complains about the house, the plants and everything her eyes passes and my thought ” here we are again” and let her do her thing and i just listen. Being a mother really is a big deal they have to make sure all are in order and taking care of that’s why i really admire and love my mother for all the things she done for us, even though we always fight a lot and never show my affection to her often i salute her for being a good mother to us and wife to my father. It is really difficult being a mother, they have lots of obligations.

When they’re given more free time to spend for their self, they don’t feel any less rushed but For men, on the other hand, the more leisure they have, the more relaxed they feel maybe because that woman are more likely than man to feel the pressures of looking after the kids and cleaning the house even when they’re technically got free time because for them its their obligation to their family as a mother to take care of the house chores and take care of the children and often times they try to combine free time and obligations. They seldom go out for coffee with friends or if they want to try out a yoga class so that they can really say that their free time really is for them alone. And today is my mother’s birthday a Happy Happy Birthday mother and Advance Happy Mothers day, i will volunteer myself to cook for the foods for your later birthday celebration.

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