My New Pastime

From facebook games to real games, due to a slow internet connection we are experience me, myself and i decided to play a different game like the ones that kids or adult boys played in the internet cafe. Why wait for the games in FB to load when you can upload it directly on you computer and you don’t have to wait hours and hours to load everything just a click and your ready to play anytime any day you want. At first i was going gaga in playing Plant Vs Zombies, i already finish all the levels and got tried of it in playing over and over so now i have a new love! love! game the Alien Shooterr, you just have to shoot all the alien that come’s you way then your going to the next level every time i got bored and wants to be entertain this is the one i turn into. What i love about this game is that when your depress or angry with somebody it’s like having an outlet with that feeling, you just imagine that all the alien creature you shoot is the person, it is cruel but im just human :inlove: .

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