Our Nanay

This is our nanay simiona, nanay ming2x to all her grandchildren, this few weeks I’ve been thinking as in really thinking hard what to post, hours and hours of photo searching and days and days of thinking again lol, then i remember my post on Mellow Yellow Monday, i did include my grandmothers photo in their so why not choknut post my grandmother simiona maybe i could say something about my nanay ming2x and it’s been awhile since i last saw her, that was many month ago when my mother told me to go to her house to check he if she has been taking care off and if they bring her to the Doctor for her check up just to monitor her sugar and all. she’s Diabetic and my mother to but unlike my nanay ming2x we really have to monitor her sugar and blood pressure so she has to go to the doctor once a week or twice a month for that but now that she only got her 4year old granddaughter with her and it’s hard for us to track her condition, we cannot force her to lived with me because she wont leave her house to and my mother always worry for her so instead of going back and fort from General Santos to Cagayan she just call me if i could visit my nanay just to check if she doing okay, so tomorrow i will be visiting her and hopefully everything is okay.

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