Our Pets, Cousin Gwen’s Pet

I love to have a new pet dog and if ever i get the chance on having one, I would want a girl this time for my shitzu terrier pet dog prince so he can have a partner and have his own family because he’s been lonely for sometime now, he just always bullying sassy our pet cat to entertain his self. And since we have a new found kitten kitty, my dog prince is the one protecting her from sassy because our hyper sassy love to make kitty her new toy. We have sweety our other dog she’s 1 year older and a lot taller than our prince but age and height don’t matter right? Lol but even if we wanted to make prince her partner, every time we try to make the two cuddle up sweety would react violently I guess she don’t want prince. I don’t know if dogs have standard in choosing their mates but every other day we try to make the both of them play together, maybe our girl just want to know prince better so we let them run around the house and broke some flower vase for the sake of prince Lol, will maybe it’s our fault to, we have favorites, as he grow older he’s always inside our house, we never ever let him sleep outside and we seldom let him play with sweety before but now is a different story because prince is an adult he needs a companion.
Then when i went to Opol to visit my grandmother and meet my little cousin gwen’s pet, (note: I forgot the name) the first thing i check is the gender and got envy knowing she’s a she but she’ still a puppy, maybe someday when this little puppy became a adult, maybe Lol.

This is the puppy I’ve been talking about, cute right?.. :yes:

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