Out of This World

I will start this post with a word “HELP”, why help? because i need help badly for i have been squeezing my mind to think for weeks now of a good post to write in all the blogs my sister give me and every time i see the Add New Post page i will stared the monitor very hard to think of something to say or what would be my topic about and still got nothing instead my mind is thinking out of this world thoughts. Is this mean that i had to read a book or explore or go to a retreat or maybe i have to go soul searching because i’ve been depress lately, and when im depress i always clean the house but now! i don’t, our house is a mess my laundry are mountain high and my mother’s plants are dead because of my tiredness, honestly right now my head is hurting like crazy. Just last week i was excited to lean that my sister will entrust me one of her blogs because she’s busy with her two dragons and she has too many blogs to maintain i wish im a little bit like her :-( she can easily think of topic to write , i even look for a photo before hand to be ready in the following days but all i could do is download that photo and then nothing maybe this is what they called writers block! but the thing is im not a certified writer so i don’t have the right to feel that block thing and i don’t even know how to end this post but maybe a word “Help ” again would help for i really need Help to escape in this delima called “nonsense”.

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