Boost Your Signal

Technology is in the rise and everyday new devices or gadget is out in the market. But not all of use have the resources to afford such gadget. The wireless cellular booster is a very useful tool that we can use to boost our signal. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money yet to buy one for myself. I really do need one of this device since our house don’t get much signal everyday.

Nevertheless, I am having trouble also getting a good signal for my laptop. I always get a bad connection in my internet. I am planning of returning this pack because the head ache i get every day is not worth it. This people are so good in convincing you to choose their product and promise to have clear and efficient signal but after you subscribe that’s when the problem arises. I just don’t understand how come our place don’t get enough signal. We live in the city and it is close to the port but we don’t get a full bars of signal around here. It’s very frustrating and a waste of money.

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