Choices in Life

When I graduated in high school I really wanted to continue my study in Cebu where my two sisters are studying that time, I wanted to experience being away from my parents and learn to be independent and that wish came true but instead in Cebu my parents sent me to Negros and i don’t like the idea but I don’t have a choice it’s either I will stop college or study in San Carlos and stay with my fathers relative, I choose the latter. But time past I learn to like the place, I experience riding speedboat or the barge it’s a ship by the way, their speedboat is really amazing aside from being fast, they have clear marine speakers and polite crew who will guide you and sometimes entertain you in your short travel. But that experience never linger I only stayed there for 1sem because of financial problems and went back in Cagayan to continue my study and thanks to God I did survive and finish college.

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