Good Game

I never thought that watching basketball game is fun. When I was still in high school I seldom watch basketball and honestly I’m not really interested in that sport, before every fiesta our barangay will organize a basketball league for the kids and adult and I only watch if I have a friends, classmate or crush playing hehehe but because of my special friend ahemm! I discover that watching this sports is really fun and exciting. We just finish watching The Finals of NBA, Dallas Mavericks VS Miami Heat game 5 and it’s a heart stopping game. I enjoy watching the two teams trying their best to win and having fun while my special friend is nervous when the miami is leading and I believe that the team who had 4 wins will be the champion but it’s only game 5 so 2 more games to go. Looking forward to it and especially my special friends reaction, can’t wait to see his face, he even create his twitter account just to follow his Idol’s team which is Dallas and me I will just enjoy the game and the different kinds of emotion of my friend’s face. wink!

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