Life and Romance

Yearning to have a stable relationship is hard, how much more in aiming to have a happy and fruitful relationship and to be married. Some people who have been to a bad relations may find it hard to trust someone and always feeling bitter and I hate to accept it but I feel like I am have this kind of feeling in me. All I dream is to have a peaceful and spontaneous relationship and hopefully get married when the time comes with that same person but I think life is not that easy, we have many requirements or yardstick in searching for that lifetime romance. Some of us, their way of finding it is to date everyone they meet then decide who will be that lucky person, and some have tried this free online dating and meet people virtually. However, there are a few couple find their love and soul mate through virtual speed dating but there are some never get successful. This online dating have no really guarantee that you will find your love one but if you are willing to take chances then go for it. They say don’t look for love, but let love find you. It seems like love us indeed hard. I’m not getting any younger and the clock is ticking. Here in the Philippines when you reach 30s, your relatives and friend will tease you. Aside from that, finding Mr. Right is definitely difficult to find. I’ll be 30 this year and the chances of getting hitch looks so lame. Maybe I should try the online dating, what do you think?

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