Missing My Mama

My ever dearest mother corazon, it’s been weeks now since the last time I submit my entry for Nostalgia Thursday, a meme post that reminds us of a place, somebody, or something such as Old pictures, souvenir from friends, family, or place that we visited, experience or story as long as it brings back some memory or a flashback from the past, wink!. Why I seldom join this meme because our camera was busted and some of the photos I posted or uploaded on my previous post was an old photos, some are from my phone. This photo also was taken 3years ago, i don’t really recall much but this is my 1st cousin’s wedding. My mother and I post for the camera to have a souvenir on that wedding. Bringing back some memory of my past, particularly when I was still in high school, what i remember most is that my mother and I are not best of friends, we always argue almost everyday I don’t know why, all i could remember is that I don’t like hearing her voice maybe teenager’s stage or something but now that she moved and stays in my brother’s house in Gensan and I’m alone in their house as in ME ALONE, what i miss more is my mother, her voice that have high pitch, arguing about little things we both don’t like and many more argue encounter and also when she is the one budgeting the expenses in the house. Life is not the some again since my mother went to Gensan, the house, most of the time is messy, no food in the ref and no one will make noise every morning to wake us up. So my entry for this Nostalgia Thursday is my mother corazon. Miss you mother please send me money soon. LOl

My mother is really amazing even though we seldom understand each other.

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