Mourning for My Rabbit Toti

Today was kind of sad for me because I thought removing my pet rabbit toti to his cage will save his life, I put him in a cage in the first place because my other rabbit tufu always chase him because tofu thinks that toti is female, Its all the owner’s fault when I bought that two rabbit because she told me that they are male and female but when they grow older, when the time that I can recognize their gender it turns out they’re both male. And since tofu’s behavior towards my other rabbit is not healthy I decided to put the other one which is toti in cage but one day when I feed him I notice that his limping and his very thin, will I accept I been neglecting them, I seldom feed them and then thats the time I remove him in his cage and hoping that he will get better once his out and feed him from time to time to gain his old self but this morning when I went to their location, I was shock when I saw him (toti) in our first floor bathroom, no pulse and very much dead, thats why when I called him he never showed. I blame my self for my pet rabbit toti because I’ve been a bad master, I should take good care of them because that is my obligation as their owner but I think it’s to late for that. So starting today I will always think of my other pet because it’s to sad, I only got him two years ago and this year is year of the rabbit, they say that a house that has a pet rabbit will have good luck, shame on me!. To my toti, I very sorry dear rabbit i was bad to you, love you.. :-(

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