Sounds Familiar!

It’s been a while since my last post on this blog and I notice that I always do this, I seldom neglect updating my blogs, but now I have other reason why it happen again, hehe! I blame it all to my ex-internet subscriber, it’s all their fault, if they just do or justify their advertisement, I should have had blessfull, joyous,happy time surfing the net, updating my blogs and chatting with my loveones and all, but no, I’m here now in an internet cafe trying my best to finish and update and struggling to write this post as passable as I could so that my time would be lessen and I could only less for using their PC. So I will try my best to visit my blog from time to time because I’m short also in financial, and hopefully my new apply internet connection will be okay and fast this time. For my sister who’s very supportive, sorry po!. crossing my fingers to the coming days that I could accomplish my task, which is to have a connection very soon and finish my pending task. huhuhu! :-|

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