Unpredictable and Vain

Most of us women are very vain in picking the things to our self. We always want the best with quality brand in our clothes, shoes, bags and more. Girls have lots of needs and wants when it comes to materials and enhancing the personal appearance such as hair colors, nail polish and most especially our lingerie. It is very important to us to be comfortable in what we wear particularly in going out or to work. We want to look the best in our clients or customers. When I was working as a Sales Clerk in a mall I was very choosy in buying the kind of stocking I wore because some of the brand are easily damage or the garter loosen up easily. I often buy new sets of stockings and it is not very helpful for a minimum earner like me. The stores in our place do not have that much stocks on their display. They don’t even have fishnet bodystockings that give you the comfort all day. This is the type of stocking won’t easily give up on you and look tight and durable. The garter won’t wear out and loose so easily.

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