A Quick Visit

Lately I’ve been having hard time updating and visiting other blogs and my blogs but today I got the little chance to visit, will, thanks to my border who is a friend of my sister who is in kuwait right (no connection at all),LOL, she suggested that she will pay the extra half hour because my plan is use the computer only half hour because school is already starting and I believe all the internet cafe are increasing their rent/hour especially those who are near the school and unfortunately I am right now renting near the school premises and I can only consume half hour for now, it’s not that I don’t have budget but I have to be wise in spending my allowance because my budget is really tight this month due to some unexpected expenses. Again, hopefully everything will turn out good next month so I could submit my application for the internet connection and to bad I can only visit my own no enough time to visit others, Hehehe my apology.

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