Basketball as hobby

My boyfriend always have a busy schedule. Well despite of his busy schedule in the gym as an instructor, he still finds time ti play his favorite sport which is basketball. Imagine how tiring his job is, doing some weight lifting, assisting people in the gym and more. Then when he comes home from the gym he still playing basketball. Basketball is like our national sport in the Philippines. Men or boys in our place knows how to play basketball. And my boyfriend was one of the many guys that grows to love basketball and played this sport since he was little.

Anyway, he always talk about their game every time we meet and one time he complained about her knee and I asked him what happened, he told me that it got injured because he tried to do some slum dunk but one of the opponent team blocked him. My boyfriend has a a big and sturdy body so when he fell he hit his knee. That injury I supposed affects his regular activity in the gym. After that incident, he is very careful now over doing his regular activities. Ever since that incident, every time we go to the mall he keeps going to the sport section and sports equipment store to checked out for cheaper basketball knee support. I guess he has no plans of quitting basketball. What can I say, seems like basketball has been part of his entire life.

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