Busy Online

I had to cut the recent internet connection because it’s just a waste of money I would say. Our place don’t get good connection easily which is odd because we live in the city close to the seaport. We’re supposed to get good connection but instead we don’t. Even the cellphone don’t get a full four bars connection. Anyway, I am thinking of having the landline connection so we can have good communication with my family in the US and my youngest sister in Kuwait.

As of now, I am sort of busy updating my blogs and writing review about apidexin. I am cramming because I only signed in for couple of hours and I need to get it done before my time expired. While doing some online task I am also chatting to my sister in Kuwait. My sisters in America are probably asleep at this hour. Well, busy online life which means more income to expect. So, wish me luck folks.

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