Driving and Direction

I worked in my cousin’s company before. He was selling used car, car parts and accessories. My job was to run errands, answers phone calls and do some auditing. My cousin wanted to promote me to do field work but the problem was I do not know how to drive yet and aside from that i am not so familiar with some places in the Mandaue Cebu, area . During that time, gps handheld garmin still expensive and no one using it. But now most drivers are using such gadget to give them direction. My sister in Vegas is so dependent with gps and she’s been driving her car for over a year now I think. Anyway, I wanted to get a student permit because my friend offered to teach me driving. I had a few hands on but the driving lessons was not enough for me to drive by myself. After couple of years working in my cousins company I decided to quit and come back here in Cagayan.

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