Fun Talk

It’s been a while since the last time I talk to my beloved sister, now she is in abroad working hard to survive. And with her going away and I’m here alone, I’m kind of missing her, especially when every time she keeps asking me about her extra fats, that what should she do to loss her baby fats that is overdue and now that her friends are renting our extra room, will because I live alone and my sister suggested to let her friends stay in the house for me to have some extra income to pay for the bills and at the some time have a companion. And since her friends are also a criminology graduate and the other one is planning to apply in the government and they also have the some delima like my sister, sometimes they ask me what is the other solution to loose some extra fats and since I’m not an expect I always make fun of them and told them to buy weight loss pills, and smile at them, how would I know I’m not an gym instructor but I’m not suggesting it to them to, I’m just making fun of them. it’s still their decision if they make a serious though about it.

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