Imagine that?

Yeah! can quit believe that I’m still here in our neighbor’s internet cafe thinking what to write next. My brain is already drain, just now my sister keep complaining in my ability to listened instruction because she keep telling me to do that and I do the opposite, LOL what a shame, and lately my boyfriend always complaining about my behavior that I seldom not in my self. Maybe this is the effect in my boring existence, my daily routine includes talking to my pets or make fun of the cat sassy or don’t feed my rabbit and just stay in bed for hours until my back hurts and stomach, I eat when I feel like it or if my tummy really hurts then go back to bed to eat or play games in my sister’s laptop. And just now I notice my nails are dirty and I’m hungry as in hungry so I have to end this bubbling and go home and eat. Do I sound insane? I hope not because I don’t want to be the first in my family to have problems with the brain. By the way, thank you sis! :quiet:

I look insane in this, will sometime this is what I do with my pets, it’s my way of entertaining myself, thank God the original owner is not here to witness this. LOL. Just joking sis.

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