It’s Raining

Summer is over in our part of the world but we live in a tropical place, so technically still summer here because of the heat. However, lately has been raining so hard. we are lucky that our area is not hit with most rain and far from the affected area.

Living in the city is way different than living in the country. I remembered back then when we will still lived in the camp, my sister’s went camping with the whole class. It was actually a voluntary camp but who wouldn’t want to miss this fun and exciting experience. You get to stay in a camp site for a day or five, then stay in Copper Spur Tent or any tent that they can borrow. When we moved out from that place, out lives had never been the same again.

There are still camping activity in the elementary school. My sister used to be a teacher and she would asked us to come with her to the camping area where her pupils were camping. I wish I experienced that camping when I was a little. Anyway, like i said it’s been raining hard lately so I’m guessing no one went on camping. I think camping activity usually begin around October.

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