In most cases we follow this cycle as to what life should be and prepare ourselves with the challenges in life. This cycle supposed to be school, work and marriage. When we were little, our parents already laid out to us their plans for our future. These plans are finish school, find a great job, start dating and get married. We are not required to follow this cycle but this is what’s expected to happen. Meanwhile, I am not really sure if I failed with life or there is another path I should take so I will see my worth. I want a regular job so I can go back to school and finish a four year degree. I only finished a two year degree in college but most company I applied to is looking for a four year degree course as job qualification. My sister offered me to help out with the tuition so I can proceed in finishing my four year, but I refuse, I wanted to go back to school but I don’t want to burden them in paying big amount of money for me, and asking money from them from every time is not part of my plan in order for me to achieve my goal and also Now that I’m in my early thirties i sort of scared to go back to school. I don’t like failure and I do not want to see myself failed but seems like I’m heading to that direction. I am jobless, I can’t go back to school because i don’t have savings and I’m kind of lazy in looking for a job but I don’t have a choice but to chase rainbow in the sky, that’s what I hear in writing this post and just like the song, it’s really impossible to do but I’m praying that someday I could overcome all of this trials.

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