Think About Fashion

New looks, new technology, new everything, that’s what our generation is all about today. Life really moves fast, kids, teenagers today are very picky in choosing their accessories to wear, even I. Before my hometown was a small place and far from the city, so, I was deprive in showing my own style or my type of accessories or personal things to have. When I was in my high school year, my mother bought me a dress to wear in my JS prom, I don’t have much to say about it and I don’t complain weather it is nice or pretty because I don’t have knowledge in clothing, so nothing to compare. It’s really hard when you live in a place where fashion and glam don’t exist or you don’t have that talent to distinguish the difference between the IN and not so popular trends. But today is a very updated and fashionable generation, lots and lost of fashion designer have created fabulous cloths, branded or non branded, from new generation of hippies clothing to parish clothing style. it’s really amazing how this new trends are improving and if you don’t have fashion since before, now you can be fashionable us the Hollywood artist and famous models combined. To be glam and updated in terms in fashions, expressing your self thought fashion is refreshing, and I wanted to be like that before, but now, thanks to my sister who are very generous in her hand me down cloths and accessories, I never behind in style.

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