Batch Reunion

Last year, my schoolmates and batch mates in high school contacted me because they were planning to have a reunion of our batch 1998 and she want me helped her gathered some information about the whereabouts of our other high school schoolmates and classmates. We wanted to get photos of each person to put in our banner so that everyone will see who will be attending. She planned it for almost 4 months, looking for venue, food to bring, transportation for those who have kids, budgeted money for the reunion and equipment to put the banner on like the retractable banner stands. So far, the event went successfully despite of the fact that not all of our batch mate were able to attend the said reunion. At least almost half of the batch were there and few of our Teachers and classrooms adviser. We have group in Facebook of our batch. We communicate one another to collect money for the upcoming reunion this year. I hope I will be able to attend this year’s reunion.

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