Being an Employee

Working in a company is hard, especially if you have a boss that never treat you the way you should be treated. Will except for those bosses who really care for their employees welfare, giving the benefits that’s really for them, give extra bonuses for their employees, like some of the company I know who provides monthly allowances for their employees, issuing them with rice and groceries, will I don’t really know if that is a salary deduction though. And I once work at a company that allows us to buy the products we’re selling in a low price, it’s like an organization of us employees, a
Employee Purchase Program Event that gives us employees the benefits when dealing with financial situation.

But most of us want to have our own business but having the money that is needed is difficult but maybe when make the efforts, we’ll often discover the most important thing is to stay focus, stay open to possibilities and just have some good old talk with the expert.

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