Card Reader Not Working

Last year, my sister bought this card reader device for us to use because some of our camera’s SD card don’t match the laptop’s SD reader. I don’t know if they got to use this after buying, I was at work when they try this at home but when my past employer need a device to upload some photos of their proposal to be send via email I offer my help and told them that we have a card reader at home, I can borrow the device to my sister if they like. But when I bring our card reader to the office the following day, my co-worker who is the one assign to upload the photos told me that it didn’t work, I was shock because it was new, how come it won’t work. And when I got home after work, I told my sister that their card reader was not working and she just reply! really?. I guess they don’t test the item they bought to the shops service center, now I have to buy new card reader because the only camera I have that is working is the one that have small SD card. Too bad my sister wasted her money for a card reader that dint last just for a week.

And I look for it again today hoping that it will work this time so I can upload our photos last night when I went to the carnival and ride their roller coaster but I just disappoint my self :no: , the computer didn’t recognize the USB device that’s installed. Better luck next time, or I just wait ’till my sister she’s camera arrived. wink ;-)

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